Optimize your supply chain with our custom integrated operating solutions

You see your organization going in a specific direction, and you want to increase its speed, accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.
Because transportation is more complex than ever, the innovative solutions offered by REMPREX have never been more important to your success. We are a turnkey solutions provider for the intermodal and transportation industries, providing organizations of all sizes with safe, efficient, and scalable services that are revolutionizing the industry.
Our teams specialize in the operation, support, and engineering of intermodal terminals and ports nationwide, and provide customized technology and logistics for the distribution channel and trucking industries. By creating and applying technologies to every aspect of the transportation and intermodal markets, including the use of data, analytics, and consulting, we increase efficiencies, maximize results, and optimize cost-effectiveness. You won’t find another provider with the full suite of solutions we offer. We have the most progressive operations processes, data services, technologies, and engineering services in the business.
REMPREX provides industry-leading and innovative operations processes that optimize decision making while delivering the highest levels of safety, efficiency, throughput, security, and visibility


Our industry-leading operations processes optimize your decision-making while elevating safety, efficiency, throughput, security, and visibility of your terminal to the highest levels.

  • Full Intermodal Facility Operations
  • Centralized Gate Operations
  • Load Planning
  • Switching


Digitize and automate your terminal. We are a marketplace for best-in-class technology where we help you find the right tools for your operation.

  • Integration & Deployment Services
  • Remote Monitoring and Call Center
  • Managed IT Services
  • Field Maintenance and Dispatch
  • Automated Gate System


Move into the next generation of mechanical services. Transform your operations with a data-driven, predictive approach to equipment management. Avoid down-time and maximize your fleet’s performance.

  • Intermodal Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Fleet Management
  • Telematics
  • E-Crane & Hybrid-Electric


Rise to new levels of performance. Partner with our team of industry experts to optimize your infrastructure solutions. We provide real-world consulting services from concept to full-scale implementation.

  • Terminal Strategy Advisement
  • Master Terminal Planning
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Design and Engineering
  • Digital Twin based Management and Planning

REMPREX is the solution you seek for your intermodal and transportation challenges.