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REMPREX specializes in complete intermodal terminal optimization by leveraging deep industry knowledge and data technology while seeing the terminal as a whole.

As a comprehensive solutions provider for transportation terminals across North America, we have established ourselves as an industry leader for our ability to transform every aspect of terminal operations. We partner with our clients on full systematic design as well as targeted solutions.

Our unique strength lies in a holistic approach, orchestrating excellence at each touchpoint for a seamless ecosystem. We have decades of first-hand experience improving terminal operations and delivering exponential impact on visibility, reliability, and capacity.

We don’t just do everything; we do everything better. Work with us to set new standards of success in the industry.


Create innovative, tech-enabled solutions that are differentiated in the marketplace AND deliver best-in-class results, with services oriented to solving customer problems.


Support the sustainable and successful growth of intermodal by modernizing terminal operations to improve visibility, reliability, and capacity.

We take an integrated view of all areas of the terminal and its processes. Our success is founded on the following methodology ingrained in every solution we offer.

Plan Intentionally

We start at ground level. We study your operation to maximize efficiencies and exploit every opportunity to leverage technology and collect data.

Build Smart Terminals

Tactical digitization of processes and equipment transforms an organization. In the smart, data-based terminal, equipment maintenance, cargo location, safety, and workflow become predictive instead of reactive.

We are a marketplace for terminal technology. We walk the line between innovation and lean practices to position terminals to be safe, agile, and accurate without having to change established platforms.

Clarity through Visibility

Tracking, measuring, and monitoring are the foundation to excellence. We believe in the power of data and visibility to provide swift answers, inform the future, and ensure operational integrity.

Leverage Automation & Remote

Meticulous planning and employing smart digital tools allow us to maximize automation and go beyond geographical limitations. Remote monitoring of a terminal’s “digital twin” fosters consistency, enhances specialization, and underpins service excellence.


In 2006 we started integrating Automated Gate System (AGS) technology at intermodal terminal checkpoints where containers interchanged between the road and terminal. REMPREX created a suite of turnkey services to consistently deploy and operate AGS. We then moved to centralize the remaining gate operating functions and utilize the data generated to maximize the operating efficiency.

With this proven framework, in 2016 we expanded beyond the gate interchange and into the remaining terminal functions of ramp/deramp operations and equipment management. Our unique approach propelled REMPREX to become the largest Lift Equipment Maintenance (LEM) provider in the US and the fourth largest ramp operator.

In 2022 we created RPX Optimization, a consulting firm designed to leverage our deep industry knowledge around transforming terminals. This global team of intermodal and maritime experts works with clients to solve present and future challenges, crafting long-term strategies that unlock terminals’ potential.

Today REMPREX is known for our ability to transform terminals as well as our customized packages to suit clients’ needs. Remprex's long term vision is to support the sustainable and successful growth of Intermodal by modernizing terminal operations to improve visibility, reliability and capacity.

To achieve this objective Remprex has and will continue to invest in being able to provide a comprehensive suite of terminal-centric services and turnkey solutions leveraging data, industry subject matter experts and best-in-class technology partners.

Partner with us to move your terminal to the next level.

Core Values

REMPREX consists of several key teams that influence and shape the direction of the company. Each team member invests in dynamic relationships with clients and co-workers to foster an environment of innovation and performance, and strives to embody the following core values.


We commit to actively fostering a healthy and injury-free environment for our employees, clients, and the communities we serve.


Our priority is to do the right thing even when no one is looking, which is why we commit to the highest ethical standard.


By challenging conventional thinking, we continually improve the products and services we offer.


We say what we mean, mean what we say, and do what we say we'll do..

Company Leadership

James Shondel

James Shondel

Executive Chairman
15+ Years of Industry Experience
Remy Diebes

Remy Diebes

President & CEO
20+ Years of Industry Experience
Tim Ash

Tim Ash

Chief Solutions Officer
15+ Years of Industry Experience
Felix Kasiske

Felix Kasiske

EVP of RPX Optimization, GmbH
25 Years of Experience
Gerry Bisaillon

Gerry Bisaillon

SVP RPX Optimization
25+ Years of Experience
Gary Van Tassel

Gary Van Tassel

SVP of Operations
21+ Years of Industry Experience
Craig Zarzecki

Craig Zarzecki

SVP of Mechanical
29+ Years of Industry Experience
Brad Perlstein

Brad Perlstein

SVP Human Resources
25 Years of Experience


REMPREX brings technology, automation, and world-class service to maximize the safety, productivity, and efficiency of our clients’ operations. We can do the same for you.
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