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Manage Your Performance with Precision Metrics.

The REMPREX Visibilit-E business intelligence platform uses dynamic dashboard technology to enable immediate and informed decisions based on critical performance KPIs.


Drive Your Operation Forward

REMPREX is the exclusive North American Value-added Reseller for Automated Gate System (AGS) technology. Our proximity to the OEM allows us to recommend system enhancements that continually improve your operations.


Apply Our Services to Any Size Operation

From large ports to local distribution centers, REMPREX offers services for any size facility. Whether you are looking to optimize a specific area of your facility or your entire operation, REMPREX can provide a solution that fits your needs.


Find A Solution For Your Largest Challenge

8,000 feet of track posed significant power challenges for widespan cranes at this intermodal facility. To address the need, REMPREX utilized a conductor bar in a capacity unique to the industry. From space constraints to challenging layouts, REMPREX can create custom applications of technology and operations around your limitations.


Bring A Culture Of Safe Production To Your Operation

REMPREX takes great pride in our dedication to safety and precision to ensure the health and well-being of all on-site personnel. That’s why we train all of our employees to recognize unsafe behaviors before they cause incident.


Ensure That Your Deliveries Arrive On-time And Unharmed

Through advanced imagery and reduced operator involvement, REMPREX’s application of automation technology ensures that your shipments arrive and exit the facility exactly as anticipated.

We are proud to announce that REMPREX has been awarded the opportunity to provide terminal operation services at Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway’s Bensenville, Schiller Park, Shoreham, and Portal facilities. In order to create a smooth transition for CP, shippers, employees, and the trucking community, REMPREX has entered into a partnership with Terminal Operations Management (TOM), the company that is currently operating those facilities. Click here to visit the Careers Portal for open REMPREX positions.

8,990,837 Gate transactions completed in 2016

56 Locations maintained and supported across North America

6 Out of 7 Class I railroads supported across North America

300 lifts performed on average per day

395 Lanes with AGS technology installed and monitored

Over 300 employees and growing to support our clients

10 Locations utilizing turnkey intermodal operations

Technology Services

The intermodal and transportation industries demand highly effective processes and proactive support to maintain peak operations. As the premier automation service provider for six (6) Class I railroads, REMPREX goes beyond the industry standard to provide technology that fits your operation.

Automated Gate System (AGS) Technology

REMPREX believes that the Gate process establishes the driver experience. The efficiency of the Gate process directly affects driver retention and facility popularity.

The efficiency of the Gate process dictates a driver’s ability to maximize the number of Gate moves performed in a day, which directly affects the popularity of your facility.

An optimized Gate experience results from the following efficiencies:

  • Reduced processing times
  • Reduced operator involvement
  • Increased automation
  • Streamlined business process and screen flow
  • Reduced variability, consistency in time required to enter and exit the facility
  • Maximized hardware functionality
  • Maximized hardware reliability


To optimize the Gate process, REMPREX procures, deploys, and maintains Automated Gate System (AGS) technology. AGS delivers the following operational benefits:


01 Increased Safety
  • Reduction of staff near entrances and exits
02 Reduced Labor Cost
  • Less Staff required to operate and monitor Gates
  • Less management required to oversee Gate staff
03 Increased Efficiency
  • More expedient transactions through automation
  • Increased through put a high-volume or congested entrances and exits
  • Allows for growth without expansion
04 Added Security
  • Biometric validation
  • Vehicle restraint systems
  • Imagery
05 Standardized Gate Process
  • Centrally located and managed Gate process
  • Standard entrance and exit process
06 Reduced Claims
  • Ability to associate damage with a unit entering a facility through imagery



For Large Intermodal Facilities

For Intermodal Facilities, Container Yards
and Distribution Centers




Truck Portal

To provide advanced imagery and facilitate damage inspections, AGS integrates with CAMCO Portal technology, which captures and stores images of vehicles as they enter or exit an area. The Portal uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to read unit information and gather the associated data. Using a combination of camera types and angles, the Portal can capture images of all sides of a vehicle for damage inspection. By integrating with AGS technology, the system pairs images with Gate transaction data.

Portals handle speeds up to 30 miles per hour, 2 seconds or 9 feet of vehicle separation, and up to 500 vehicles per hour.

Standard Features

  • Linescan Cameras
  • Rear Cameras
  • License Plate Recognition Cameras
  • Two-dimensional Front Camera
  • LED Lighting System
  • Optical Triggering System
  • Portal Bridge
  • Control Equipment Enclosure



Tire Inspection Portal (TIP™)

REMPREX provides NASCENT Tire Inspection Portal (TIP™) technology to identify damaged tires entering and exiting a facility. TIP™ is a four (4)-camera system located at the exit of a Truck Portal designed to capture and store images of one full rotation of chassis tires. The images provide visual signs of wear and damage on chassis tires as they enter or exit an area. A low-voltage, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting system is used to illuminate the tires.

TIP™ images associate with Portal and Gate transaction data, and are viewable through the AGS Clerk Console and a separate web interface.



Standard Features

  • Two Areascan Cameras
  • Two Velocity Cameras
  • LED Lighting System
  • TIPTM Appliance Image Processor




ReadyAGS ™ – Live Life in the Fast Lane

ReadyAGS™ is a mobile application powered by NASCENT Technology that virtualizes your Gate experience. With readyAGS, you can perform your validation steps as if you were at the facility’s Gate Kiosks before actually arriving at the facility – whenever and wherever convenient for you.


Get In!

readyAGS™ assists with the validation process by pre-validating drivers.

Get Out!

Coupled with NASCENT AGS technology, readyAGS™ allows for faster Gate processing and eliminates the needs for printing.

Get Going!

readyAGS™ allows drivers to take charge of their day by reducing wait times and avoiding hassles.




Rail Inspection Portal

REMPREX provides CAMCO Rail Portal technology to assist with unit identification before a train arrives at a facility. The system uses state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) cameras and technology to read unit information and gather the associated data. The service-processor and modular design of the cameras help to simplify the maintenance and support process, making the Rail Portal easier to maintain and troubleshoot.

Rail Portal images are viewable through a visual operator console for post-processing, OCR validation, and consolidation.

Standard Features

  • Ability to read unit information automatically, including container numbers, well designation, ISO codes, and other details
  • Ability to maintain a minimum of 500 container reads per hour and per rail OCR Portal
  • Recognizes all possible container configurations such as single 20’, 40’, 45’, 2 x 20’, and double stacked containers
  • Supports shunting processes
  • High redundancy
  • Intelligent OCR cameras that provide high scalability