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Manage Your Performance with Precision Metrics.

The REMPREX Visibilit-E business intelligence platform uses dynamic dashboard technology to enable immediate and informed decisions based on critical performance KPIs.


Drive Your Operation Forward

REMPREX is the exclusive North American Value-added Reseller for Automated Gate System (AGS) technology. Our proximity to the OEM allows us to recommend system enhancements that continually improve your operations.


Apply Our Services to Any Size Operation

From large ports to local distribution centers, REMPREX offers services for any size facility. Whether you are looking to optimize a specific area of your facility or your entire operation, REMPREX can provide a solution that fits your needs.


Find A Solution For Your Largest Challenge

8,000 feet of track posed significant power challenges for widespan cranes at this intermodal facility. To address the need, REMPREX utilized a conductor bar in a capacity unique to the industry. From space constraints to challenging layouts, REMPREX can create custom applications of technology and operations around your limitations.


Bring A Culture Of Safe Production To Your Operation

REMPREX takes great pride in our dedication to safety and precision to ensure the health and well-being of all on-site personnel. That’s why we train all of our employees to recognize unsafe behaviors before they cause incident.


Ensure That Your Deliveries Arrive On-time And Unharmed

Through advanced imagery and reduced operator involvement, REMPREX’s application of automation technology ensures that your shipments arrive and exit the facility exactly as anticipated.

8,990,837 Gate transactions completed in 2016

56 Locations maintained and supported across North America

6 Out of 7 Class I railroads supported across North America

300 lifts performed on average per day

395 Lanes with AGS technology installed and monitored

Over 300 employees and growing to support our clients

10 Locations utilizing turnkey intermodal operations

Consulting and Data Services

Introducing Visibilit-E

The REMPREX Visibilit-E business intelligence platform uses dynamic dashboard technology to display critical success metrics populated with near real-time data. The platform enables management to make immediate and informed decisions that positively influence the performance of your operations.

Business Intelligence | Optimization | Efficiencies

Analytics to Support Continuous Improvements

To maximize the efficiency of your business operations, REMPREX offers in-depth consulting and analytics services.  Our method of data analysis assesses system functionality, identifies operations inefficiencies, and proactively addresses negative trends.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Measurement

Using system data, REMPREX can create customized dashboards to provide immediate operational insight for individuals who need to make informed decisions in the moment.  Whether you need to monitor turn time, volumes, or driver information, REMPREX can provide a visual tool that helps you measure your KPIs throughout the day.




What Do You Want To See?

REMPREX can work with you to determine the most valuable KPIs to your organization, and find a solution that fits your needs.  What data to you want to see?