Operations & Technology

CN Markham AGS Design-Build

Services Provided:
  • Automated Gate System Design
  • Pavement Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Telecom Design
  • Topographic Survey
  • At-Risk Construction Management
  • Track Design
Following several months of conceptual design, REMPREX was tasked with providing for the turnkey design and construction of the AGS at the CN Markham intermodal facility. While the AGS design was in the existing footprint of the yard, the area to be constructed was largely unimproved and required considerable site construction to provide for the gate construction.
AGS Lanes
One of the most critical design features was the stormwater detention facilities for the gate area. REMPREX conceived of, designed, and built a combination of underground detention and open dry-bottom ponds to meet the local detention and controlled-discharge requirements. StormTrap was used where needed and provided the pre-cast underground detention system that used the more costly underground detention. Areas of future expansion were planned for with open storage during the current construction. As AGS expansion requires, these open storage ponds can be converted to underground detention to match the capital expenditure to the phased build-out of the gate facility.

In addition to addressing unique site design concerns, the REMPREX team provided a new concept for a fabric portal. Although it was initially intended to be a proof-of-concept execution, the method proved to be cost effective and durable, and decreased the construction schedule due to the rapid-erection capabilities of the structure. The REMPREX team provided seamless construction and installation, leading the CN project managers to describe the project as the most successful and effortless AGS installation that they had undertaken on their system.
Markham, IL